40 Studies or Caprices for the Violin (Kreutzer, Rodolphe)

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Technical and musical analysis of the violin etudes, part of Violin etude thesaurus.

Rodolphe Kreutzer: Forty Studies or Caprices for the Violin

Originally, 40 etudes were published during Kreutzer life, after his death two spurious pieces were added by the editor so these days 42 Etudes are usually published. The order of etudes varies substantially in the different editions of Kreutzer etudes.

Several composers published etudes that are preliminary to Kreutzer etudes, such as Kayser, Mazas and especially Dont, Op. 37, other authors works either preparing for Kreutzer etudes or advising how to study them are listed in How to study Kreutzer etudes.

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