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Czech violinist and violin pedagogue, born 22 March, 1852 in Horažďovice (Czech republic; then Austro-Hungarian Empire), died 18 January, 1934 in Písek (Czech republic; then Czechoslovakia). [1]

Otakar Sevcik 1901


His father was his first music teacher. Ševčík began his studies at Prague Conservatoire in 1866, first under Antonín Sitt, continuing with Antonín Bennewitz. He graduated in 1870. Between 1875 and 1892 he was a professor at Kiev Conservatoire. At the same time he also actively performed. In 1892 he returned to Prague and became a professor at Prague Conservatoire, in 1901 the head of the violin department. From 1909 till 1918 Ševčík was the director of the Violin department of the Music Academy in Vienna. In 1919 he returned to Prague Conservatoire. [2]

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  • starting with Antonín Sitt, continuing with Antonín Bennewitz

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