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This is a portal to one area of Violinwiki - violin bibliography. Violinwiki strives to complete a bibliography of extant violin repertoire and literature from the very beginning (around 1530) till present with the emphasis on the works first published before 1945, that is the works in the public domain.

Each extant book has a page in the category Bibliographic record. The page also contains reference to a library holding this particular edition, table of contents and if the book is available also an affiliate link to the supplier.

Further the books may be in the categories

Editions‎ is a category that contains pages with particular editions of a book.

According to the topic the books are divided into the following areas:

There also categories for violin media

Digital downloads is for bibliographic records of downloadable sheet music.

Violin CD‎ is for CD accompaniments published together with the violin method books but available separately.

Violin technical exercises contains books that are neither etudes nor scale but rather technical exercises such as Ševčík's Preparatory Exercises in Double-Stopping, Op. 9.

Violin etudes contains violin etudes, for example Charles Dancla's 36 Melodious and Easy Studies, Op. 84

Violin methods contains violin schools (methods) such as Laoureux's Practical Method for Violin.

Violin scales bibliography contains violin scales of all kinds, such as Scales for Advanced Violinists by Barbara Barber.

Violin music books‎ contains genuine music, one piece per volume or collection of pieces whatever the publisher printed.

Violin methodology contains books dealing with violin methodology, for example Shinichi Suzuki's Nurtured by Love.

Violin bibliographies by topic

Fiddle bibliographies

Violin technique bibliographies

Repertoire bibliographies