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The etude books are not usually played from cover to cover but their choice and order are decided by a competent teacher according to the evaluation of student's abilities and needs. Etudes are analyzed and categorized in detail in Violin etude thesaurus.

The most frequent studies

The most frequently used etudes (in the approximate order of difficulty) are:

  1. 75 Melodious And Progressive Studies, Op. 36 - I. Thirty Special Studies / 75 Études mélodiques et progressives, Op. 36, I. Études spéciales
  2. 75 Études mélodiques et progressives, Op. 36, II. Études brillantes / II. Brilliant Studies
  3. 75 Études mélodiques et progressives, Op. 36, III. Études d'artistes / III. Artists Studies

Other studies

Beside the above etudes there are numerous well-known as well as half-forgotten etudes that deserve attention as well.

  1. Book I – 20 Studies in the First Position
  2. Book II – 20 Studies in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Positions
  3. Book III – 20 Studies in Changing Positions 1st to 5th
  4. Book IV – 20 Studies in the 6th and 7th Positions and Changing Positions 1st to 7th
  5. Book V – 20 Studies in Double Stops
  • Bartolomeo Campagnoli: 7 Divertimenti, Op. 18
  • Jakob Dont: 20 Progressive Exercises for Violin, Op. 38 [Sheetmusic: Thirty Progressive Exercises for the Violin with Accompaniment of a Second Violin, Op. 38 (Dont, Jakob)(editions)]

Double stop studies

How to study etudes

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