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Long term Violinwiki targets

  • complete bibliography of extant violin repertoire and literature from the very beginning (around 1530) till present with the emphasis on the works first published before 1945, that is the works in the public domain. Lost works may be mentioned too but they cannot be performed and are of historical interest only.
The pieces published after 1945 are mentioned for the completeness of the repertoire bibliography; they are still under copyright and cannot be publicly analyzed or the video recordings of their performances embedded on Violinwiki unless the composer released the compositions into the public domain.
  • complete list of composers who composed for the violin and their biographies. Some composers may have published works for other instruments too but only the works for the violin or the works containing a violin part are in the Violinwiki scope.
  • list of violin pedagogues who published at least one extant work and their brief biographies.
  • list of luthiers and bow makers who made at least one extant instrument and their biographies.
  • full coverage of existing violin techniques with description and video recordings.
  • technical and musical analysis of every extant piece in the violin repertoire.
  • technical and musical analysis of violin etudes accompanied by video and audio recordings.
  • video recording of every extant piece in the violin repertoire.
  • description of the construction of the violin, violin making and restoration.
  • repository of rare violin documents that are out of scope of IMSLP.

Violinwiki scope and notability are described in Violinwiki:Scope.

Fulfilling all these goals requires considerable effort and expenses, please consider donating.