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Violinwiki is not only about entering the text information, even though it is an important part of the contents, there are also other tools that help the editors to convey the knowledge to the reader. The following actions that can be done on Violinwiki:

Page formatting

  • Articles may be formatted using wiki means. Headings, bold type, italics, lists, tables and links can be used in the text. See Help:Formatting

Image inclusion

  • Images can be included in the articles, either uploaded or linked from Wikimedia Commons. The images can be resized, framed or a caption can be added. See Help:Images
  • Images can be used as clickable image maps if an editor wishes that for the article.

Sound files

  • Sound files may be included in the article. Currently it is not possible to upload the sound files to the Violinwiki servers, they can only be linked from Wikimedia Commons. See Help:Images

File upload

  • It is possible to upload the files of the type png, gif, jpg and pdf. It goes without saying that all uploaded files must have a licence compatible with Violinwiki licence (no files still under copyright). It is planned to widen the scope of file types in the future. See Help:Managing files

Embed videos

  • Currently it is possible to embed videos from the major video service providers such as Youtube or Vimeo. It is not yet possible to upload videos directly to the Violinwiki servers and embed them locally. It is planned in the future to enable local uploads but that requires a huge upgrade of the servers capacity. See Help:Embed video

Musical score inclusion

  • Musical examples may be included in the articles. The musical notation may be directly entered into the edited page using lilyPond or ABC syntax. The musical scores are rendered as PNG images and can also be transformed into MIDI files. See Help:Musical notation

Fingering charts

Genealogical like Graphs

  • Genealogical like graphs can be created for demonstrating relationships among luthiers and their pupils or among violin teachers and their pupils.


  • Timelines, both horizontal and vertical can be created.


  • A variety of charts can be created, bar charts, pie charts, line charts, scatter diagrams, radar charts, bubble charts, they are mostly useful for the statistics.