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In accordance with the EU 'Cookie law', this is to inform you about Violinwiki cookie usage.

When you only browse the pages, Violinwiki does not store cookies on your computer.

When you log in as a contributor, Violinwiki uses the following cookies to ensure the functionality of the software (so that you can actually edit the page):

  • vw_wikiUserID - expires at the end of the session
  • vw_wikiUserName - expires at the end of the session
  • vw_wiki_session - expires at the end of the session
  • wikiEditor-0-toolbar-section - expires at the end of the session

Third party cookies

The Violinwiki pages may embed the videos from the video servers such as Youtube or Vimeo. By accessing these pages, the cookies from video servers (third party) are transferred to your computer. You may disable the third party cookies in your web browser if you do not wish to receive them but quite a few web servers including the google services will stop to function properly.

If you browse the pages that contain affiliated links no cookies are stored on your computer. The cookies may be stored only if you access the link and browse the other web server.