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Thank you for your interest in contributing to Violinwiki.

You may contribute to Violinwiki in various ways:

  • you may devote your time, become an editor and create and update articles.
  • you may create videos for Violinwiki.
  • you may become a Violinwiki patron on Violinwiki on Patreon Patreon and receive the rewards in return for your pledges.
  • you may support Violinwiki by purchasing violin books from logo_88x31.gif by using the link from Violinwiki.
  • you may contribute money to Violinwiki. The project welcomes your help, it consumes server space, memory and bandwidth and the bills keep appearing. Violinwiki was started as a labour of love and the initial costs were born by the founder, but as Violinwiki grows it needs more funds. You may use Paypal
    interface using Paypal account or major credit/debit cards or, if you want to make substantial contribution without using Paypal, please use the contact form to send your email address, you will receive back the information with the instructions how you can transfer the funds.

Your contribution will help to move one step forward to the fulfilling of the Violinwiki goals.