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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, log in and write it here. If you have not got an account you can use contact page for sending your question.

Anonymous edits do not work / I cannot edit the article

Unlike Wikipedia, anonymous edits are not allowed, the users who want to edit the articles have to create an account and log in. The reason for that is that the number of spambot attacks is quite high and disabling anonymous edits filters a lot of them out.

Dumping Database, Access will be restored shortly appears during save

There are regular automatic backups of the database. The database is put into read only mode for the backups. It is sufficient to wait a couple of seconds and try again.

There are no book covers in some book articles

Violinwiki servers are located in the EU jurisdiction (the Czech republic) and are governed by the Czech Copyright Law and the related EU Copyright directives. The book cover may be a separate piece of art from the book, in that case the book cover copyright has to be checked separately or it may be an integral part of the book, in that case if the book is in the public domain, the book cover is in the public domain as well. The covers of the books and LP covers published in Europe after 1945 (and in the US after 1922) are under copyright. These cannot be published on Violinwiki until their copyright expires. The book covers that are in the public domain in the EU may be published on Violinwiki. IMSLP has a good chart covering copyright Copyright made simple.

Book covers seemingly under copyright displayed in the articles

Violinwiki guidelines forbid uploading the book covers of the book still under copyright, yet I see the pictures of the book covers I am convinced that are still under copyright.

These images are not hosted on the Violinwiki servers, they are only displayed as affiliate links and are linked from the server in different jurisdiction with the permission and encouragement of the server operator.

Is it possible to include picture in the page?

If the picture is not under copyright, log in and use Upload file in the sidebar or Special:Upload. After uploading, the image can be used in the page. See Help:Managing files and Help:Images.

Is it possible to embed video?

If the video is not under copyright, it can be embedded by using ev tag. See Help:Embed video.

Is it possible to have printed music embedded in the page?

If the printed music is not under copyright it can be embedded either as a picture or as lilypond or abc notation snippet. Lilypond snippet is most preferred. See Help:Musical notation and Help:Images.

I would prefer different layout of some pages. How can I change it?

Check which template/s are used in the page. Experiment and test the layout in your sandbox and start discussion on the talk page of the template/s. if the community consensus is that changes improve the layout and the template update does not negatively influence other pages make the change.