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Welcome to the Violinwiki and thank you for coming here. This site needs violin teachers, music historians, luthiers, violinists or fiddlers, simply anyone having the knowledge about the violin matter that can be published and is willing to share the knowledge that would otherwise be lost.

Violinwiki guidelines and policies

Guidelines for the authors are divided into several areas - the policies how to behave on the Violinwiki, the publishing guidelines and the technical guidelines.

Before you create your account it is advisable to read the paragraphs Username policy and User password. Before starting editing please read this page and in the section Editing you will find the recommendations of help pages. After you create your account, your user page will contain the links to the most relevant pages for new editors. Guide for beginning editors gives you an overview of the editing process for a new editor.


  • Be Bold
The first rule of every wiki including Wikipedia. If you have the knowledge of the subject and it can be published on the web, do not hesitate and write an article or update the existing one. Put down the information, it can always be improved later. You can find red links in the articles or have a look at Special:WantedPages or look for stubs in Category:Stubs. The detailed information about the areas of Violinwiki that need expansion are in Missing article. But do not confuse boldness with recklessness, always keep in mind the first goal, improvement of the Violinwiki content.
  • Assume good faith
Assume that other editors you meet are trying to improve Violinwiki as well.
  • Civility
Courteous behaviour between editors is kindly asked for. Violinwiki is a collaboration site, expect that your contributions may be edited. For example, you write your fingering of a particular passage and another editor adds another fingering. You may not agree with that fingering but it is not a reason to delete it (revert the edit). The best way is to have both fingerings with explanations why they are considered appropriate. If the edit improves Violinwiki, accept it. If you think that the edit does not improve the page, discuss it on the talk page, that is what they are for, for discussion how to improve the content.
  • Read the help pages
Please read the help pages. They contain a lot of information that may answer the questions you may have when using Violinwiki.
Use your signature only on the talk pages when signing all your posts, but do not use it in the articles.
Talk pages are for polite discussion serving to improve the article, and should not be used to express personal opinions on a subject.

  • Username policy
Choose username that you like but username is subject to the following conditions. Username must not contain offensive or disruptive words, impersonate another person or promote person or product. It cannot contain parts like admin, sysop, wiki, violinwiki or moderator giving impression that the account has other permissions.

  • User password
Please choose a strong password containing both letters and numbers with letters in lowercase and uppercase and at least six characters long. Your contributions are precious, you devoted your time to creating them so it is better to protect them with a strong password against the black hat hackers. Your password has to be at least 6 characters long. It cannot be the same as your username. There are password generators on all platforms (for example apg on Linux) and password managers as well. See Keep your account secure.
User pages are pages in the User and User talk namespaces, and are useful for organizing and aiding the work users do on Violinwiki, and facilitating interaction and sharing between users. User pages are mainly for interpersonal discussion, notices and testing and limited autobiographical and personal content. See User page policies. Use your personal or shared sandbox for testing.
  • Sock puppetry
Each user is expected to use one account for edits. Using a single account maintains editing continuity, improves accountability and eases maintenance. Please do not create multiple accounts, it may lead to their blocking.
  • Blocking policy
In case of vandalism, spam, link spam, unnecessary reverting or uncivil behaviour the user account may be blocked temporarily or in severe cases permanently.
  • Page protection policy
Pages in the main namespace are editable by anyone who has registered an account and created a user page. Several pages have protection, usually high traffic pages or pages that were subject of vandalism, spam bot attacks or edit warring. Internal project pages such as footer pages or help pages are protected. Their associated talk pages may be open for comments for registered users though.
  • Use common sense
The above policies may be summed up into one sentence: Use common sense. You devote your personal time and energy to putting down information about the subject you like, the violin, in Violinwiki. If your action improves the contents of Violinwiki, go for it and do it. If the action does not improve the page, sit on your hands.

Violinwiki policies are kept as simple as possible relying on the common sense of the editors. If it is found that the lines are crossed in unexpected ways the policies may have to be amended.


  • No Copyright material
No material still under copyright shall appear on Violinwiki, if found it is immediately deleted. That is not such big restriction as it may seem; Violinwiki servers are located in the EU, the EU "lifetime+70" applies to all the uploaded content. For example, if the last contributor to the work died in 1945, it is in the public domain (in the EU area and the countries that apply "lifetime+70" rule), all the classical violin canon is in public domain. Another example, although it can be found all over the web, you may not publish Perpetual Motion by Shinichi Suzuki on Violinwiki, it is still under copyright, Suzuki died in 1999. Remember that to post the file, it has to be public domain in both jurisdictions, yours as an uploader and that of the server destination.
Images that you have no right to, cannot be published here; however you may like an image you found on the web, unless you have the permission from its copyright holder, it cannot be used on Violinwiki. This is not a big restriction either, you can use Wikimedia Commons which has around 30 million images and sound files in public domain with an appropriate licence. See Copyrights and File copyright tags.
  • Verifiability
Cite your sources whenever possible; after all, you are the author, not the plagiator. Republishing text found on the internet without attribution is plagiarism. It may be difficult sometimes as a lot of violin knowledge is carried on by tradition but if you know that Geminiani wrote about the subject that you are putting down, cite him. If Leopold Mozart has a relevant opinion on the subject, cite him. Imagine that every statement made is backed up by evidence. Help:Footnotes contains examples of wiki text used when citing the source.
  • Do not use weasel words
Wikipedia's Manual of style is a very good list of weasel words. Hearsay or unsupported statements have no space on Violinwiki.
  • State objective facts
There may be several violin schools or views how to execute a particular technique; simply state all of them with explanations and conclusions for the reasons there is more than one possibility. For example, write all the fingerings of a particular passage and analyze the reasons for them.
  • No political correctness allowed
When writing the articles call a spade a spade. If you state objective facts as in the point above, political correctness is impossible.
  • Article titles
Use name convention as outlined in Naming conventions.
  • No propaganda
Violinwiki is not a soap box. If you want to promote your opinions, find another platform. Spam is removed.
  • Language
Language used on Violinwiki is English. It does not mean that Violinwiki is Anglo or US centric but English is simply used a lingua franca among its world-wide users regardless of their having English as first or second language. Other language versions are not planned in the near future.
  • Use clear and concise language
When you write the articles use correct grammar, appropriate vocabulary and correct terminology. Whatever you write has to be intelligible and unambiguous.


  • Deletion policy
Only administrators can delete pages. If you want the page to be deleted, use an appropriate template to request its deletion. Details are described in Violinwiki:Deletion.


The front page for Violinwiki help is Help:Contents. To learn about the wiki functioning and how to get around it, read Help:Reader. Editing basics are described in the first section of Help:Editor, further sections are for advanced editing. Reference summary can be found in cheatsheet and examples of wiki markup in wikitext examples.

Naming conventions

For the titles of articles, books, names of people, pieces and uploaded files follow the guidelines in Naming conventions.


Check the style of already written articles, use the templates available and follow the guidelines in the Style guide.

Specific editing guidelines

Violinwiki template guide

Existing Violinwiki templates and their usage are described in the Template guide. What templates are and how to use templates can be found in Help:Templates.

Violinwiki templates

There are templates (model articles) prepared for some areas of Violinwiki so that you do not need to create your article from scratch and can (and should) use an article template. The reason for the article template is also to make the search of information for the readers easier (articles have a certain degree of uniformity) and to make sure that no part of information is missing from the article. The templates:

The usage of article templates is also described in the Template guide. The article templates are all in the namespace Template as all other templates.



You can put the suggestions for improvement of Violinwiki functions in the suggestion box. If they are feasible and there are resources available, your wish may become true.


If you find what appears a bug, report it at bugs. Many glitches disappear when you reboot your computer or clean the cache of your browser, the bug has to be reproducible. Often the problem is caused by overloading your computer, lack of memory or browser cache. The bug has to have a clear connection with Mediawiki software powering Violinwiki, do not report general problems with your device or network.


You can take a well deserved break at Coffee machine. It is regularly cleaned.