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At this stage of development it is not yet possible to upload the videos to Violinwiki servers and the videos can only be embedded from the video service servers such as Youtube, Vimeo or MediaWiki Commons.


Try to use the best quality equipment that is available to you.


Zoom H4 or similar equivalent should be sufficient for good quality video, mobile phones are rather unsuitable for the serious video recording. Do not use digital zoom and set the highest quality setting available (such as 1080p/30fps). Record the sound at the highest quality (such as CD quality, 256kbps).


External microphone at least on the level of Rode M3, Audio-Technica AT 2031, AKG C 411 PP, DPA d:vote 4099 Violin or similar equivalent is sufficient. The sound quality has priority over the video quality. Great choice of microphones for string instruments is at


The video is educational, not promotional. That is, the advertisement of your studio or you as a teacher is not appropriate in the video.

It is desirable that the fingerings and bow distribution can be observed in the video. An ideal case can be achieved with the two camera setting or making two recordings, one recording focusing on the bow distribution and fingering from the front side, second recording showing the thumb position and left hand from the other side and combining both recordings into one during the video editing. Video should contain only the music, not the commentary or the subtitles in any language.

If you make a conversion from one format to another, make sure the sound quality is not compromised; the picture can be compressed but the sound quality should not deteriorate during the conversion. The same applies to video upload; if there is a conversion or compression during upload, make sure the sound quality does not suffer.


The differences in video and sound quality are observable even in small resolution. The higher quality is desirable for Violinwiki.

The Nutcracker: Mariinsky 2012 - Dance of the Reed Flutes - Ovation
Standard YouTube License
Shifting: Beginning Exercise
Standard YouTube License


The videos have to have a suitable non-commercial licence; if you are able (the video must not contain copyrighted content) and willing to release the video under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence version 3.0 (or higher), that is the same licence Violinwiki uses, it is also possible to upload video to the