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How can you help to expand Violinwiki


After you create an account, you can edit the existing pages or create new ones.

You can improve already existing pages or you can find the list of pages that need expansion in Category:Stubs or in Category:Pages to be expanded.

You can find the list of wanted pages in Special:WantedPages. This list is currently being kept under 500 so that it is not too overwhelming; there are many names and titles in the already existing pages that can be made links to other pages. Feel free to make a link from the word/s in the existing page if you can write an article about it.

Areas where Violinwiki can be expanded

  • the biographies of composers; the biographies do not have to be extensive but should give the style and period.
  • the biographies of violin pedagogues; their life and the published works.
  • the biographies of luthiers and bow makers.

The articles that need biography can be found in the Category:Expand biography.

  • the lists of composer's works for violin or works containing a violin part; every title will become a link to the article containing technical and musical analysis of the piece.
  • etude analysis: what skill the etude develops, which piece/s it is a preparation for, technical and musical advice for the given etude.

The etudes that lack analysis are in the Category:Expand etude analysis. The existing etude articles without the template {{Etude analysis needed}} may be expanded as well.

  • technical and musical analysis of the pieces - fingerings, bowing, phrasing, teaching points, pitfalls for the students of the piece, alternative interpretations.

The pieces that need a deeper musical and technical analysis are in the Category:Expand piece analysis.

  • the descriptions and explanations of various violin techniques accompanied by photos and videos.
  • the book pages of the extant violin books - method books, scale books, etude books from Geminiani to Ševčík.
  • the pictures (scans or photographs of the best possible quality) of book covers of the violin books in the public domain (the book cover has to be in the public domain too). Example File:Book cover Tonleiterstudien. Methode de Gammes. Scales Studies by Jan Hřímalý.png.
  • articles about the construction of the violin, violin making and restoration, specialized tools needed to make a violin, different violin models, fractional instruments, all the "hardware" aspects of the violin from the luthier and archetier viewpoint.
  • articles about the bow making and restoring.
  • articles about the acoustic research of violin.
  • articles about the violin strings: the pictures of the string packages, their tension, gauges, material, available sizes, colour of windings and suitability for a particular playing style or a kind of instrument.
  • articles about the violin accessories, their history and use.
  • articles about the violin competitions, their results and history
  • current available summer schools, violin festivals and masterclasses

Feeling intimidated by wikitext formatting? Don't. Violinwiki is a collaborative site, knowledge is first, somebody else may improve formatting or fix typos.

Video recording

If you do not feel like creating an account and start editing, you can still contribute to Violinwiki by creating the video recordings. The videos should be pedagogical only and should not contain promotion of any violin studio. They also have to have a suitable non-commercial licence. The videos may be

The videos should be recorded in the best possible audio and video quality; musical quality is taken for granted - videos of kids playing should not be posted unless it is on exceptional technical and musical level.

The videos from major video portals such as Youtube or Vimeo can be embedded easily in the articles.