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Violinwiki does not use Google analytics or any other kind of tracking software.

When you browse the pages, your access, as on any decent web server that is properly configured, is recorded. The log contains the following information: IP address, time of access, used web browser and requested page. This serves for maintenance, statistics and optimization. For example, when a particular page is requested many times, it can be cached. If you just browse the pages, your record is one of many of no particular interest. If you try attempt to break in or spam the server, your record gets particular attention, you will get banned.

If you are a contributor, beside the server logging there is information kept encrypted on the server, your username which you use for logging, password, email address and real name if you provided that.

Neither the logged web server records nor the information kept about registered users is shared with any third parties. The only exception when your information would be disclosed is when it is reasonably believed it necessary to satisfy a valid and legally enforceable warrant, subpoena, court order, law or regulation, or other judicial or administrative order. You will be notified of such requests when possible.

The data protection described in the above paragraph applies exclusively to the human visitors who do not violate Violinwiki policies. Information about the bots, and especially spam bots, spam harvester bots, comment spammer bots and any other kind of bots attacking the Violinwiki infrastructure, is shared with the spam fighting authorities as deemed necessary.

Bots disobeying robots policy are banned automatically.