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The scope of Violinwiki

The main topic of Violinwiki is the accoustic violin (fiddle) and that is the main criterion for the existence of the article on Violinwiki. It is then limited by the importance of the subject; Violinwiki contains articles on every conceivable violin topic but, for example, it does not cover every three-year-old playing his first Twinkle.

The notability of articles

The notability (the expression adopted from Wikipedia) means that the subject matter is worth of an independent article.

The main topics, their scope and notability are covered below.


  • The composers who composed at least one extant work for violin or containing the violin part. Some composers may have published works for other instruments too but only their works for the violin or the works containing a violin part are in the Violinwiki scope.
  • The composers who did not compose the work for violin or containing the violin part are outside the scope of Violinwiki.
  • The violin pedagogues who published at least one extant work.
  • The luthiers and bow makers who made at least one extant instrument or bow and are mentioned in the primary or secondary source (such as Guild list).
  • The players: the historical players (such Paganini); contemporary players over 18 years old.


  • The complete bibliography of extant violin repertoire and literature with the emphasis on the works first published before 1945, that is the works in the public domain. The work has to exist in at least one physical copy world-wide and be publicly accessible (that is to be archived in a public library and catalogued in its catalogue). The exception to the physical existence are digital media publications (digital prints).


  • Every extant piece in the violin repertoire is notable and deserves an independent article. The more complex pieces containing more movements may be split into several articles. The technical difficulty does not determine notability, easy as well as difficult pieces merit independent articles.
  • Lost pieces may be mentioned too in the list of works by the composer but they do not merit independent articles.
  • The pieces published after 1945 are mentioned for the completeness of the repertoire bibliography; they are still under copyright and cannot be publicly analyzed or the video recordings of their performances embedded on Violinwiki unless the composer released the compositions into the public domain.


  • Any existing violin technique is notable and merits an independent article.


  • The parts of the instrument, the construction of the violin, violin making and restoration are all notable.


  • The places of violin and bow making (such as Mirecourt), violin learning (such as Paris Conservatoire) are all notable.


  • The violin competitions held over their 6th year.
  • The violin summer schools, courses or masterclasses.