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What should be on user pages

It is not mandatory but it is welcome if you use your real name on your user page. It depends on the level of privacy you want to keep.

It is even more welcome to give your strengths and qualifications so that the community can help you find out the relevant parts of Violinwiki to keep yourself busy with if you have not done so yet. For example, a retired violin teacher formerly teaching at Berlin Conservatory or a keen amateur, private/university/conservatoire teacher, professional orchestra member, soloist, luthier, violin dealer, sound engineer or whatever knowledge of violin matter you have. The editors can also put limited biographical content if they feel like that. Be aware that user page is accessible as any other wiki page, if there is material you do not want copied or reused, do not post it on your user page. Think carefully before adding non-public information to your user page because you are unlikely to be able to retract it later, even if you change your mind. Other things that may be in user space are notes concerning the Violinwiki work, test (sub)pages, personal sandbox. See Help:User page#What to put on your user page.

What should not be on user pages

Content on your user page that is unrelated to Violinwiki. Violinwiki is not a general hosting service, so your user page is not a personal website or a blog. Your user page is about you as a contributor to Violinwiki, and pages in your user space should be used as part of your efforts to contribute to the project.

Copyright material is not allowed on user pages and is deleted immediately.

Advertising is not appropriate on user pages.

Do not put your user page or subpages, including draft articles, into content categories. Userpages and subpages may be placed in appropriate administrative categories, such as Category:Users. User pages and content pages are strictly separated, there should not be any links from the content pages to the user space. However, redirects and links from user space subpages to mainspace articles are allowed.

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